Van Gogh Museum with private guide (English)

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the most famous painters in art history. Today his paintings sell for record prices, but by life he sold just one painting, to the sister of one of his good friends. Your own private guide Yvonne Hilgenkamp will introduce you to Vincent Van Gogh, his family – foremost his brother and biggest supporter Theo! – his uncertainties, his friendships (Gauguin), his letters to Theo and most importantly: his paintings, with expressive brush strokes and bright, strong colors!

“Hi Yvonne! Thank you for arranging an absolutely fabulous time in Amsterdam for my family. We had a great time and your tour guides were some of the very best that I have had on a guided tour. We are absolutely pleased with our two days under your care in Amsterdam!!!” (American family, Viking cruises, July 2019)

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Vincent Van Gogh only lived to be 37 years old, and was only a painter for ten years. In those ten years he produced over 800 paintings and 1200 drawings! Van Gogh was a self educated painter and developed his own unique style: his expressive brush strokes and bright and intense use of color are never to be confused for anyone else’s.